Help us keep us to continue serving our community with donating to the Culebra Community Library

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Since the doors first opened ten years ago, our one-trailer library has expanded into so much more than just a space for reading. Now, the shelves hold some 4,000 books, ranging from biographies and children’s fiction to language and donations by local authors.

In just two years from when we opened, our visitors quadrupled. With help from doners, we were able to add a second trailer as well as a deck and roof adjoining the two trailers. The new space allowed us to expand in serving the community by offering the Summer Reading Club and Camp, movie events and even putting on theatrical performances by the local Abbie’s School Kids.

Unfortunately, the damages we sustained from the unforgiving 2017 hurricane season were significant. All the projects on the calendar for updating the space were immediately halted and many strides that had been made were undone. After a complete assessment, the water and wind damage had affected all of the buildings, and even after a year has caused us to limit our operating hours. We must maintain a safe space for the people of our community, especially the children. And in order to do that we must ensure that our structures are in good, working condition. The small donations given to us since the hurricanes have been used to make short term repairs in order to keep serving the community. However, that money is taken away from its original purpose of supplying the events for things like summer camp and cultural celebrations.

We are  reaching out to   our  online community to help us by way of monetary donations (we will post on FB how we are using the funds). We always welcome recent fiction book donations.

. repair roof and ceiling of administrative and movie trailer to prevent any further water damage.

. secure and reinforce current roof structure that was damaged during hurricanes.

. replace three air conditioner units that were damaged in 2017 hurricanes. computer room, children’s reading room and cine room.

. electrical repair work for rewiring lighting in administrative trailer.

. purchase and install security system.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or if you’d like to donate in other ways. (787)414-3695 or at

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